My Life in Kongu
...I could easily make friendship with them as well as with other students in the class. After four to five days the seniors also became very much friendly with us.
The most memorable event in our whole MCA life was our welcome meeting when I could steal the show to the astonishment of my co-fellows as well as the seniors. I am sure that no Guy present there on that day would ever dare to forget me.
-----------------End of First Part -------------------
The Second Part
In this second part of "my life in Kongu", I am inviting you all to a new world, where I have for you a number of surprises and new experiences. First of all, I will introduce to you the first Malayali boy whom I met at Kongu, my friendship with him and what sort of a character he is. Later we became good friends. Now, I proudly introduce him to all of you. I am sure, you all are curious to know more about him. “ Yes...It was the time…"
    Special Moments
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Vishu Onam thiruvonam 2011

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