My Life in Kongu
My story at Kongu Enginnering College, Erode is a montage of events , both sweet and sour, a lot of happenings and a few exciting moments that are set perfectly between two train journeys, one from my home town to Kongu and the other one back to my home with a lot of sweet memories to be kept safe in my mind and an MCA degree to my credit.
I had only some vague reminiscences of a train Journey I had before, when I was a small boy of six or seven. The thought and the memories of the journey are still spreading its sweet fragrance when I think of it now when I am Leaving for the first time to Kongu for joining My MCA [Master of Computer Applications] course. Two of my cousins came to the Railway Station to see me off. I bid them bye and my Journey to Kongu starts here.
My uncle and aunty who where then staying at Erode came to the Railway Station when I reached there. My Uncle who was very much influential at the Kongu Engineering College, Erode secured me an admission for the final seat in the merit quota.
In the beginning, I had strange and totally inadaptable classroom sessions, which made me a little disturbed. But the tamilian friends were very warm and friendly that I could easily overcome my homesickness and get engaged in friendship with them.
It was only during the introduction session that I realized that there were about 23 malayalees in my class - 10 boys and 13 girls....
    Special Moments
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