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Brother Binu Chollackal Brazil
Bro.Binu Chollackal, Brazil

X'MAS MESSAGE - Jesus, the message
The Son of God is in a manger
The thought provoking questions that are to be reflected are the following, why was Jesus born in a family that lived in a poverty..? The son of God did not have enough qualification to be born in a wealthy family? If Jesus were born in a family of priestly class or kingly class , his mission would have been successful and he would not be crucified. But he was son of a carpenter, his parents had enough sorrow to give birth God`s son in a cattle shed. Why Jesus was born in this manner..
The answer is with you..
The concept of love is manifested through the person of Jesus, by the birth of Jesus. The birth of Jesus highlighted the dignity of poverty and being born in a poor family, experienced the pain, anguish and difficulties of poverty. The same person teaches us in the Gospel of St.Mathew Chapter 25 that one who receives any of these least of my brethren receives me.
Jesus is born
- To be the servant of all even to his disciples.
- To be with the poor
- To be the voice of the voiceless.
- To honour the poor.
- To speak the truth and live according to the truth.
Above all to sacrifice his life for all of us. But my life is .......
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